Offering a line of premium stains, strippers, cleaners and brighteners specifically designed for wood decks to keep your deck looking beautiful, with less maintenance.

Penofin Stain

Penofin stains consist of Brazilian Rosewood Oil, a flexible, strong, mildew and water-resistant oil that is sustainably harvested from the seeds of the Brazilian Rosewood tree; trees are never cut to produce this oil. Leave stripping and sanding behind forever after applying this unique stain that allows wood decks to "breathe" and requires little maintenance.

Penofin Prep Products

Penofin offers a line of prep products - stripper, cleaner, and brightener - to use in advance of oiling your deck. The most popular product we sell from Penofin is the Hardwood formula, which comes in a transparent natural tone. It is often used on TigerDeck, ipe, and teak decks and furniture.

Corte*Clean® is a powerful cleaner specifically designed to clean composites. Not only does Corte*Clean® thoroughly clean composites, it's designed to keep them clean, for longer periods of time.

Corte*Clean® is designed to activate and reactivate anytime it receives moisture, preventing deep stains from occurring. This unique, proprietary technology insures composites stay clean, for the maximum amount of time, while costing less money, than any other single cleaning product or products.