Custom Outdoor Kitchens & BBQ Grills

Outdoor Kitchen Design

In the St. Louis area, outdoor kitchens and custom bbq grill islands on your deck can offer several benefits! It can transform your deck into an outdoor living and dining area, providing additional space for entertaining friends and family. An outdoor kitchen on your deck allows you to enjoy the beautiful weather and natural surroundings while cooking and dining. It can also increase your home’s value, as it is an attractive feature for potential buyers.

Designing an outdoor kitchen requires careful planning and consideration of several factors, including your budget, available space, and personal preferences.

So, what are the components that make up a great outdoor kitchen design?

It is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Here are some key components that we at California Custom Decks feel can make up a great outdoor kitchen design:

outdoor kitchens custom design


St. Louis experiences four distinct seasons with hot summers and cold winters. Consider adding a roof or cover to your deck to provide shade and protection from the elements and install heaters to extend the use of your outdoor kitchen throughout the year.

Zuri Screen Room with Fireplace Open Deck with Grill


At California Custom Decks, we help you choose materials that are durable and can withstand exposure to the elements. Options such as stainless steel, stone, and concrete are popular choices for outdoor kitchens.

Covered Deck Night Built In Grill


Consider adding comfortable seating areas and entertainment options such as outdoor TVs or music systems to create an inviting space for friends and family to gather and enjoy.

California Custom Decks custom deck and covered patio below


Our California Custom Decks team creates well-designed layouts which are critical for an outdoor kitchen to function efficiently. The layout should incorporate the primary cooking area, storage, and preparation areas.

custom outdoor kitchens refrigerator


The appliances you choose will depend on your cooking preferences and budget. We use Blaze Grill products; popular options include grills, smokers, pizza ovens, refrigerators, sinks, and warming drawers.

custom bbq grill islands and covered deck


Proper lighting is essential for safety and functionality in an outdoor kitchen. We have many lighting options to show you and they should be strategically placed to illuminate workspaces and walkways.


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