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How much does it cost to build a deck by California Custom Decks?

Surprises – they’re great for birthday parties, backyard celebrations, or family vacations, but they don’t belong on invoices. Our team has taken the guesswork out of understanding the cost of your St. Louis area outdoor living project!

So, what are the components that make up the deck project cost?

Great question! Our cost is divided into three components. We’ve elaborated it below for your convenience.

Cost to Build a Deck in Design


Good design is crucial to having the deck of your dreams. A well-designed deck will eliminate the chances of unforeseen problems like mistaken measurements. Project costs aren’t directly proportional to deck size, however sizing will help determine the material costs of your deck. Designing your deck with proper dimensions in mind will allow you to focus on more of your “wants” later on.

Cost to Build a Deck in Materials


Choice of materials will strongly impact how your deck looks, whether it’s cedar, pine, or synthetic, like Trex composite decking. Many material considerations tie aesthetics to cost. Enhanced appearance means a greater cost for your deck. However, quality is not typically compromised when considering products of lesser expense. Typically, materials account for 40%-50% of total project costs.

Cost to Build a Deck in Installation


Our experienced team consists of designers, project managers, and installers to ensure the process is as seamless as possible. Our installers are friendly and good communicators, and you’ll always be able to review with the project planner you’ve worked with from day one. The labor costs to build a deck depend on several factors, including style, footing, and materials. Since each project is unique, it yields different labor hours.

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